Alya Sayne (France/Morocco)

Alya Sayne

Alya grew up in an Middle Eastern culture, her passion for dance reaches the age of 18 years.

Alya has been formed with great teachers of the Middle East, as Mayodi Sultan, Rajaa Dussart, Momo Kadous, and the largest Egyptian teachers.

Its formation and its origin Arab, give Alya his particular style, 100% Middle East, with a renewed spirit and a refined technique to teach and share with students, not only a beautiful choreography, but the culture of the Middle East and love for music and dancing.

She organizes two belly dance events in Paris every year and she is organizer of one of the biggest festival in America Luxor Vegas Festival in Las Vegas.

Alya has participated in major festivals in Europe, the Middle East and America, such as: Heshk Beshk and Mazagat in Italy, Festival Hayat Al in Ukraine, Oriental Fairytales in Serbia, Festival of East London Egypto en Barcelona Spain and many more.





Alya Sayne

Welcome to Oriental Fairytales Festival - Belgrade, Serbia

It is with enormous pleasure and great honor that we present to you a unique festival of oriental dance in Serbia – Oriental Fairytales. Our festival will provide you with the opportunity to learn from many internationally acclaimed instructors, the great names of contemporary oriental dance, as well as to share the stage with the stars of the international dance scene, make new acquaintances and establish contacts. Through the competition part of the festival you will have the opportunity to distinguish yourself and be noticed, as well as continue your dance perfecting by means of awards winning.


All the activities will be held within the “Palilula” cultural center at the very heart of the beautiful city of Belgrade. The premises are modernly equipped with training rooms and theatre stage. The Oriental Fairytales team will be responsible for flawless organization of the event and ensure your comfort, and is always available for all your questions and inquiries.


Come and tell us your own oriental fairy tale. We are always here for you! You are more than welcome and we’re expecting your arrival!


Friday: Workshops, International Competition, Opening Gala

Saturday: Workshops, Teachers Gala Show

Sunday: Workshops, International Competition, Closing Gala