Maja Aruena (Ser)

Maja Aruena

Maja Aruena is oriental dance instructor, performer and choreographer from Serbia. She took her first dance steps at the "Aruena" dance school in September 2013. With hers exceptional talent, learning speed and clarity, he quickly attracted Inessa's attention, and in the spring of 2015, she received an offer from Inessa, head instructor to start attending instructor training classes and slowly begin to change classes and help Inessa in running the school. Today, in addition to her regular work at the school, Maja does group choreographies for our students, individual choreographie, gives a private dance classes and she also started holding workshops . Maja's skill in explaining the steps and approach to the participants is at a very high level. When explaining the steps, she goes into the smallest details, she tries to explain each step in as many ways as possible and to approach each participant as individually as possible. As an extremely gifted and talented dancer, her greatest virtue is her perfect step technique and her fiery energy, which you can see in her performances, which are always welcomed with huge applause.

Maja's love for oriental dance is great and growing day by day. Thanks to that love, effort and work on herself, Maja won two first places at the festival competitions: Oriental Fairytales Festival in Belgrade in 2015 in the beginner category, Hezz Ya Wezz Oriental Dance Festival in Bulgaria in 2019 in the solo adults category. Then won places at Oriental Fairytales raqs Belgrade edition 2022: Second place in the folklore category, Third place in the professional category.

Second place in the folklore category at Oriental Fairytales Serbian Soul Edition 2023. Then won places at Waves of Orient festival 2023: Second place in profesional category, Second place in folklore category.

Maja continuously improves herself and attends dance seminars of world-famous instructors. Some of the instructors whose seminars she attended were: Randa Kamel, Vladislava Sitnikova, Diana Gnatchenko, Khaled Mahmoud, Marta Korzun, Mercedes Nieto, Diva Darina and many others...

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Aruena Oriental Dance Studio Website:



Inessa Aruena

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